The committee

Here is the 2019-2020 committee of the Chorale universitaire de Louvain.

The president

Corentin Mathias, the president.

Corentin Mathias became president in September 2018. He is passionate about music and singing since childhood, and began his musical experience at 12 years old in a church choir where he also played the guitar.

He is currently studying IT in the École Polytechnique de Louvain.

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The vice-presidents

Louis De Lièvre, member since early 2018, is finishing his management engineering studies. Lacking any form of musical training before joining the choir, singing has always had a place in his heart (and in his shower). The friendships found in the Choir encouraged him to become more invested, leading him to the role of vice-president this year.

Pauline Dellisse, member since last year, is entering her last year of study in speech therapy. She has always been attracted to singing and has a great interest in the voice in general. She naturally got invested in the Choir, where great friendships took root. At the same time, she developed musical and vocal skills that will surely help her in her future job.

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The treasurers

Pierre Vanderlynden studies IT and has a long history in music, as he has learned to play multiple instruments. His first singing experience was in our choir, that he joined in 2016. He has been treasurer since February 2018.

Marie Bertier, student at the Economic School of Louvain and member of Rethinking Economics, will help take care of our finances this year. She joined the Choir in September 2018, having at the time no musical experience whatsoever. She discovered the joy and passion of singing together thanks to the fraternal and casuals vibes of the Choir, becoming a second family to enjoy and invest herself into.

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