Messe de l’homme armé (Karl Jenkins)

Part one performed by the Chorale universitaire de l’UCLouvain :

  1. I will not leave you comfortless
  2. The Lord bless you and keep you
  3. Mother of God, here I stand
  4. O salutaris
  5. Jubilate deo

Part two performed by the Chorale universitaire de l’UCLouvain, the Chœurs de l’Université Catholique de Lyon, the ensemble InChorus and the Conservatoire municipal de Limonest :

  1. L’homme armé
  2. Kyrie, Save me from bloody men, Sanctus
  3. Hymn before action
  4. Charge !
  5. Angry flames, Torches, Agnus dei, Now the guns have stopped, Benedictus, Better is peace
  6. L’homme armé -bis : Better is peace

For sale at the tourist office of Louvain-la-Neuve and at the concerts of the Choir.